Lighting at The Old Homestead

Lighting at The Old Homestead


The Old Homestead can furnish the following equipment which includes a set-up fee:

  • 150 metal reception folding chairs

  • 140 white wooden chairs are available for rent

  • 19 round tables – 5’ diameter

  • 15 rectangular tables – 8’ long

  • 1 round sweetheart couples table – 4' diameter

Exterior set up 3.jpg

Interior furniture is available for your use during your rental period (all interior furniture must remain in the house and may not be removed from the building.) 

Dining table, buffet table and piano are not to be moved from their current positions. Dining table, buffet table and piano must be protected at all times.

Catering & Kitchen

The Old Homestead does not provide catering or serving utensils. You may use your preferred caterer. The kitchen stove is provided to reheat food. Cooking is not permitted due to fire regulations.

We also have a designated area for the use of barbecues and food trucks.


Chandelier lighting

Chandelier lighting


The Old Homestead is equipped with an electrical infrastructure to support audio and video. We provide spot lighting in the backyard and pathway lighting and banister lighting on the deck area.

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Barbecue Area

We have a designated area for barbecue set ups and food trucks. We invite you to rent your own barbecue or food vendor and utilize this great space!


We provide a plot plan of the grounds. Our event staff sets up the tables and/or chairs at the beginning of your rental time and the event staff arrives 30 minutes before the end of your rental time to tear down and store the cleared tables and chairs.

Exterior set up.jpg
Pictured: Lions Club Barbecue 2016

Pictured: Lions Club Barbecue 2016