Painting by: Gary Maricich Jr.

Painting by: Gary Maricich Jr.

The Carquinez Women's Club

Mission Statement

The Carquinez Women's Club (CWC) focuses on historic preservation. They are currently 7 Board Members, 14 committee chairs and over 80 members. The members volunteer and dedicate time to the following:

  • Helping raise funds for school scholarships that assist our children further their education after high school.

  • Raising funds to help support the Napa State Hospital.

A part of The Old Homestead venue rental funds is earmarked to go back into the preservation and upkeep of the Old Homestead.

The women of Carquinez Women's Club meet the first Friday of the Month. They welcome local women in the area to join and become active members contributing to the growth and improvement of the town of Crockett and neighboring areas.