About The Old Homestead

The beauty of The Old Homestead and Gardens, combined with its rich heritage, makes this idyllic setting a popular venue for events, from informal barbecues to elegant weddings.

Constructed in 1867, this California Historical Landmark was the first non-native dwelling built in Crockett. The integrity of this extraordinary home has been lovingly preserved through the years, and is currently maintained and operated by the Carquinez Women’s Club

Majestic redwood trees enhance the deck, offering a respite from the sunny lawn and dance areas. Surrounded by a picturesque wooded area and the charming period home, a sense of intimate seclusion adds to the garden’s allure.

The Old Homestead proudly stands in tribute to the past; those who enter its gate become a part of its cherished tradition.  


510 660 5174


995 Loring Avenue

Crockett, CA 94525